Current Projects

EdicaNaturals Logo

CEO / Founder – Edica Naturals

Ann’s love of plant-based everything is reflected in her founding and operating the plant-based supplement and beauty botanical company: Edica Naturals.  Acting as Founder and CEO, Ann oversees her passion project, Edica Naturals, which provides anti-aging solutions with natural and plant based supplements and all natural skincare and beauty products.

Red Light Holland

Director – Red Light Holland Truffles

Ann is currently acting as the DIRECTOR and HEAD of HR COMMITTEE, for Red Light Holland Corp. (“RLH”). RLH on the Toronto Securities Exchange under the ticker “TRIP”. RLH is a legal producer and distributor of psilocybin truffles within the Netherlands with a view to international expansion in legal markets. The company also produces and distributes gourmet edible mushrooms in Canada. The company intends to contribute to the advancement and awareness of psilocybin while promoting its benefits and is dedicated to further research and study of this plant based wonder.

Past Projects

Ted Talk Ann Barnes

Speaker – TED Talk

Ann’s talk “Managing a Narcissist” is available on and has now been translated into Arabic and America sign language viewed over 872,000 timesAs an In-house Corporate Lawyer, Ann practised corporate securities law in the corporate world for over 10 years and was exposed to many different and often difficult personalities. As “In-House Counsel” at numerous companies, Ann participated in numerous boardroom negotiations and worked closely with Senior Management, shareholders, lawyers, accountants and employees. Through her close business and personal dealings, she noticed a common set of behavioral patterns for particularly difficult personalities. She began researching this growing narcissistic phenomenon in order to understand how to best manage these extreme personalities.

Instadose Pharma Ann Barnes

Director – Instadose Parma Corporation

Ann acted as Director and Chair of the Special Committee. Instadose Pharma is establishing the world’s largest continual supply of Medicinal Cannabis. By establishing Joint Ventures around the world, Instadose Pharma aspires to offer a sustainable, consistent and secure, low-cost supply of high-quality Medicinal Cannabis and establish facilities to produce Cannabinoid Oil for the wholesale market. Instadose Pharma’s Global Distribution Platform spans five continents to date, including Africa, Europe, Asia, South America, and North America.

Earth Alive Logo

Lead Director; Chair HR Committee – Earth Alive Clean Technologies

From 2018 to 2021, Ann acted as the LEAD DIRECTOR and the HEAD OF THE HR COMMITTEE of Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc. Earth Alive’s Microbial technology offers innovative, sustainable, and economically viable solutions in a changing global environment.

Peace Naturals Logo Image

Founder & Chairman – Peace Naturals

Ann is the founder, original investor, and Chairman of Peace Naturals Project Inc.; the first legally licensed medical cannabis company in Canada and in fact the world.  The majority was sold to the Global Cannabis Company Cronos Group Inc (“Cronos Group”). The Cronos Group was subsequently bought out by Altira (Marlborough) (NASDAQ ticker: CRON).


The 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness

Ann ranked #74 on the final list of the 100 most influential figures in fitness, health, and happiness in 2011. In order to determine the most powerful innovators in this space, ‘Greatist‘ looked at a few factors: the trends they’ve set, the products they’ve created, and how long they’ve worked in their area of expertise. She is in company with the likes of; Dr. Oz, Jamie Oliver, Michelle Obama, and Jane Fonda.

EatSuperBeSuper Ann Barnes Front Cover

Best Selling Author – “Eat Super, Be Super” & “Be a Better Being”.

Ann left her successful legal career to follow her true passion of health and wellness. She owned and operated a number of trend setting Health and Wellness companies. Her expert knowledge of chia, hemp and superfoods gained her North American exposure. She ultimately wrote two health and wellness cookbooks books, one of which was a national best seller. Both books focus on healthy and allergen free eating habits and include recipes that are Nutrient Dense, Gluten Free, Vegan, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Corn Free and Soy Free.

Mum's Original Ann Barnes

CEO / Founder – Mum’s Original Superfoods

Mum’s Original began as a hemp-based company that offered products such as: hemp oil, seed and protein mixes. Ann worked closely with the hemp farmers and their co-ops while learning about the crops, production processes and extraction methods.  As hemp seeds and hemp oil gained in popularity, Mum’s Original product offerings eventually grew and morphed into a superfood company that included chia, goji, raw cacao, quinoa, etc.. Mum’s Original, led the way in educating in person and online about the incredible benefits of superfoods.

Chia Flower Logo

CEO / Founder – Source Salba Inc.

After working as in-house and general counsel for a number of years,  Ann started the first North American  based Chia company, Source Salba Inc. It was the first of its kind in North America and Ann was instrumental in educating the public about the benefits of this magnificent seed and how to use it in everyday recipes.


Corporate Lawyer

Ann practiced corporate law for over 10 years before becoming a serial entrepreneur. While working in the legal profession, Ann acted as corporate counsel and General Counsel for a number of private and publicly held companies, including; Manulife Financial, TSN, Cott Corporation and Insight Sports. She specialized in corporate and security law. She happily traded in her legal career in order to focus on her passion for plant based wellness and the environment.