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Edica Naturals was born out of my personal gratitude and desire to give back. My idea to launch a plant-based supplement business was borne out of my mid-life menopause symptoms. Once I experienced extreme menopausal symptoms (weight gain, brain fog, nausea, and severe night sweats) and then blew out my right knee in an obstacle course race, I knew that healthy solutions were needed! After scouring the internet, and sampling various products that did not help me, I felt frustrated and angry. I was sickened to learn that women’s aging health issues were not even a consideration for the general public. My frustration led me on a quest for truth and answers for simple solutions because I NEEDED THEM! I thought: “If I need them, don’t other women as well?”.


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I developed numerous Edica Naturals plant and naturally based formulations with you in mind! They are all designed to help you be the best version of yourself. Your Optimal authentic YOU.

Each formulation has been carefully reviewed by the Health Canada (the Canadian Government’s Food and Drug Regulatory body). Health Canada has provided Edica Naturals with approved claims as identified with a registered Natural Products Number (NPN) for each product formulation. The NPN is respected worldwide as it identifies approved specific health claims that are backed by prolific proven research. The United States’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also reviewed each formulation and provided acceptable statements of use for each Edica Naturals product. We are proud to have such rigorous formal regulatory review for our formulations….and know that they ACTUALLY WORK!